Supplying LiDEM innovative production systems.  LiDEM is a manufacturer of high technology machinery for the textile and recycling industries.

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Manual and Automatic Belt Strip Cutter/Slitter

Designed for cutting textile belts, technical fabrics, plastic in strips.

  • Perfect cut
  • Adaptable speed based on product
  • High precision
  • Easy use

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Rotating Cutters Cutting system for preparation and recycling of natural/synthetic fibers, textile apparel, and plastic.

C.R.S. 5 amp - 8 amp  Working Width  500mm - 800 mm

Max. Production  5,500 kg/h 10,000 kg/h  Power  10 C.V 15 C.V. Cut Range  25 -125 mm 20 - 140 mm Cutting System  rotating

ROTATOR-Shredder Recycling
Hooper-Feeder Silo
NODRIX-Storing & Blending System
CINTEX-Feed apron
EXTENDOR-Spredin Machine
QUALITY-Inspection machine
ROLLER CUT-Belt and strip slitting machine
TIGER-Tiger brusher
TUNDER PULL-Polisher & Shearer
Aluminum Lags Any Type

High technology textile machinery:

  • Feed Apron
  • Rotary Cutter - Recycling preparation of fiber, textile, plastic, etc.
  • Storing and Blending Systems 
  • Fide Silo 
  • Auto Feeder 
  • Auto Blender 
  • Inspection Machine 
  • Spreading Machine 
  • Belt and Strip Cutter, etc. 

Textile Recycling Plant.

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